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I don't seem to be able to upload some photo's but maybe there is a e-mail that I can send it to so that you can have a look? The stones are themselves opening up extremely fast – taking on substance is how they described it and they certainly feel much heavier with each workshop and working. Meditation, holding the crystal in hand and working with it that way, both in a directional conscious sort of way, and also to receive information to the subconscious for later retrieval at the right time is also very likely possible with this amazing crystal. The information will be released to the crystals new guardian  via both subconscious, or conscious methods. Yes, that is definitely a very fine record keeper. I have a debate about raw rubies from North Carolina which I obtained yesterday. So without further a do - here are three of the latest scams! Thank You for taking the time to share your exciting experience! Hi Marion – for me, that would be a yes . That crystal can store any and all information within it. That is a superb Record Keeper you have there – the number of smaller triangles on the back face of the crystal signifies it is a Master Record Keeper – A truly rare breed! It does not have Lemurian striations, so is not a Lemurian as such. record-keeper - someone responsible for keeping records. Here in New Zealand - when sitting around a room with a bunch of friends and one of them is telling an outlandish tale, it is common for the group to chorus in at the end "Cool Story Bro" and have a good-natured laugh with [...], Chakra Stones Associated With Zodiac Signs, Record Keeper Crystals have triangles etched on the faces of the termination. The maximum upload file size: 7 MB. It certainly teaches that you cannot rely on consensus reality or what appears to be going to happen in even the near future – and it most definitely has its own idea about who it is going to work with and draws the most appropriate group together. Crystals communicate at frequencies higher then the frequencies of human communication. Wow. So recently I bought some random items from an estate and to my surprise there was a small bag with raw tiny Ruby’s. It also assists one in accessing that which is hidden in any situation”. jess. com estimates that of the $2.7 trillion that corporate employees keep in 401 (k) plans, Fidelity serves as "recordkeeper" for the largest amount of assets, $838 billion. They are three-dimensional so not just smooth on the rock. Thank you . CRYSTAL TEACHINGS OF THE CHEROKEE. Thank You for your post and Photo Brenda! Although they can do a great deal on their own account, they need compatible and harmonious human consciousness to facilitate their work. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. record keeper translation in English-French dictionary. Truly grateful for your detailed response. I found what appears to be a fragment of a herkimer diamond. (The pictures I sent are of the same sphere in different lighting.). I keep it on. Thank you so much! Hoping these are them! The photo galleries below show Master Record Keeper crystals which have many, many triangles. I LOVE these crystals, the first of it’s type I saw about 25 years ago coming out of India! Last question, I promise lol, is: do you have any suggestions as to how to work with a crystal of this detailed structure? Hi Jojo, many vera cruz amethyst are skeletal, this means that they grow in layers, trhus the triangle you are seeing inside, is a previous layer formed earlier in the crystals growth cycles. record keeper meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'for the record',on record',record holder',record player', Reverso dictionary, … Definition of record-keeper in the dictionary. I’ve linked a video (hopefully it works) of it. Later, this triangle moved and the entire shape of the stone transformed…which definitely raised more questions but I will keep focused…is this a record keeper?). You can email me the images at It only releases the information that you are ready for. I myself have had crystals change in physical form over time. Thank you! I wonder about how this occurred in growth of the gem and if rubies just tend to grow this way. It is really different for each person. This crystal is showing internal skeletal form, rather than being a doorway or an record keeper. com estimates that of the $2.7 trillion that corporate employees keep in 401 (k) plans, Fidelity serves as …, Pauline worked for Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou, Inc., ASCS Office and IPLA Sale Barn where she was a, Mick navigates his story from the glam rock shimmer of Bowie's London to the snarl of NYC punk and beyond, turning the lens inward to face himself and his experiences as the visual, Three-quarters of non-producing third-party administrators (TPAs) -- those who do not offer investment management services -- consider the, Small insights into his experience stand out: his obsession with keeping his feet clean and free of infection, receiving twenty-five lashes after a false accusation, and being sexually assaulted by the mine's, Widely known since 1972 in the intermediary market as a retirement plan, One of the arrested men, Azizullah, a resident of Kandahar City, told Pajhwok that he had been serving as the, "Our management team maintains a strong common commitment to provide quality services as both a Registered Investment Advisor and a, In April, Prudential announced agreements with Mercer, a Marsh & McLennan subsidiary involved in benefits outsourcing, and Hewitt Associates, the largest independent, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Pauline Wagner, 91, Shelbyville, passes Saturday, On Clwb 202348 hours CARDIFF HOT LIST YOUR NEXT, Garnering an outsize market share: retirement specialists, Auschwitz #34207; The Joe Rubinstein Story, Sterling Bank team buys retirement offshoot, BOARD CONSIDERS CHANGES TO CIRCULATION MEASURES, BNY Mellon's Pershing expands its retirement plan network, Cobb gets $12,270 in separation deal; Ex-chief's resignation letter is shielded, Recorda sunt vestigia vetustatis et veritatis. The record-keepers are typically formed when mineral-rich solution flowed over protrusions on the surface of the crystal point. Shapes that maybe encountered can be triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, lightning type zig zags, or even combinations of them all! Hi Marina, Thank You for your msg and photo. This information was seeded by star people that visited the planet eons ago. Hi Robert, Please find the photos of Cyndy’s exciting crystal below! Thank you for posting! A master record keeper of the Fund is responsible for consolidating the accounting records and management reports provided by the custodians. Hi Aven, great crystal and photo! There is so many ways to interact with these crystals , Comment hi there. lol The tip of the triangle represents people's consciousness ascending into the higher realms of spirituality, and this meaning has been attributed to various important religious symbols such as the All Seeing Eye. I bought this in Cave City Ky, and the guy said it was a double generator record keeper. Un agent comptable principal (Master Record Keeper) regroupera toutes les données et assurera la comptabilisation des opérations et la tenue des registres. Awesome score! He said it was a record keeper bc of the lines in it. I have recently gotten this point and I wanted to see if it was a starbrary as well as a record keeper. that talk about the origin of the term, etc…  not just a page or two on it but a whole book on the subject? I havent decided how yet. That is how new information, ideas, and inventions can pop up seemingly independent of each other yet simultaneously all over the World. Legal definition of third-party recordkeeper: a party (as an accountant or bank) summoned to produce records pertaining to a tax investigation of another party. I will try and figure out how to send a picture? I often have looked at plugins that let people upload their own photos to the server, but unfortunately these plugins have large security holes, and once I got hacked from using such a plugin – so twice shy sort of thing. I have many photos with many different triangles. Fake Moldavite There has been [...], Welcome to part four in our misrepresentation of crystals series. What a wonderful website you have! It was experienced by many people as a vortex with pulsating triangles of light spiraling down into a pathway that led to the heart, and filling body and soul with compassionate love for what everyone and the earth is going through. Here is a link to the skeletal page. Starbrary crystals are crystals that have markings/glyphs on the side. The stone simply did not feel like a ‘normal’ crystal although it was very much alive. I scrolled the forum and didn’t see anything (or missed it about a diamond shaped record keeper). There have to be more than 50 record keepers throughout the crystal and the photos are really crisp. And this understanding and information can then be shared by the recipient to others, more often at an etheric level. The record-keepers are typically formed when mineral-rich solution flowed over protrusions on the surface of the crystal point. Record-Keeper crystals have a very unique energy, matched only by their unusual appearance. The most amazing of which was a beautiful multi-layered chevron that almost seemed to be glowing! Alexis recently contacted me via email to show me a very special crystal – a Montana Montana Sapphire Record Keeper – Wow! What Charlotte and I are getting is that the coded veils have information regarding both DNA and atomic structure. Hello Krissy, Thank You for your post, photo and consideration! Would you provide any insight as to what these are, and how best to work with a crystal like this? Trigonics are strongly connected to the cosmic tides and to the earth’s poles and earth currents. The goldish hues were always there and the rainbows seem to come and go. Generally Record keeper triangles are unrelated to the form of the mother crystal. Hi! Over the last few days I've been looking at it through a jewellers loop and its just fascinating, so much so I've found it hard to put down. Unfortunately the photo did not come through with it. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Check out the link below to view doorway crystal photos . Ruby Record Keeper Crystals . Thank You for sharing. Sweet, thanks for the info… and there is definently triangles on the angel aura it was hard to photograph them because they are either really small or engraved in the side .I'll take another photo and send it to you. I hope you are mentally, psychically, and physically well and send you a blessing in my post. I have several record keepers – some which with the triangle visible when I got it, some it became visible afterward. The crystal still crystallizes/completes, but just with the inset and glyphs look you see in the photo – is quite common . WOW!!!! In short, no you are not going crazy. Recordkeeping is the act of keeping track of the history of a person’s or organization’s activities, generally by creating and storing consistent, formal records. ps. What does recordkeeper mean? I’m not sure about the Generator side of things though. Yes, record keepers on record keepers – that is an outstanding crystal you have there. Other changes to the fluorite included a deepening of the blue-green for one person or the deepening of the purple for another. Lastly, for now, I would like to know…Do all triangles (and markings, if these others are indeed recorders) on crystals and stones hold information? The human-resources consulting and outsourcing company serves as a record-keeper for $296.8 billion in 401k plans.. 401(k) Law Suppresses Saving for Retirement. In some cases, reading a book or online article before working with a crystal could create expectations, these expectations could then possibly become a block to the relationship you could of otherwise had with said crystal! Is it a record keeper? As if Trigonics were not rare enough, the Amethyst ones that have as many upside down indented triangles such as yours are especially rare!! Magicite are party-level augments in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, introduced with the August 24, 2017 backend update. I am terribly sorry for the late response, I was not aware you had replied until today! Shapes that maybe encountered can be triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, lightning type zig zags, or even combinations of them all! The Pyrite in your very good photo does have a perfect triangle, but this is it's natural form. Hi Retha, A person who keeps records. (It is also a Dow). In respect to your questions. That is the role of the Archivist or Record Keeper - someone with specific skills of collecting, managing and providing access to archives and records for the long term. I bought 2 little clear quartz with record keepers on the big island! Thank You! So I’m coming along and manually adding the photos and approving posts. Thank you for providing this forum and sharing your knowledge. Yes, please do send photos to and I will attempt to help you ID it! Record keeper Meaning in Hindi: Find the definition of Record keeper in Hindi. : a party (as an accountant or bank) summoned to produce records pertaining to a tax investigation of another party. This information was seeded by star people that visited the planet eons ago. Record Keepers are notoriously hard to photograph. The email address to use is And, do you have any further advice for accessing these records? My feelings are that yes, it is very much a Record Keeper, but furthermore, it is a multi dimensional aspect to the records you will have access too given they are internal and holographic. Been having them for about a month and just yesterday I actually put them under my microscope and I was blown away. do you know of any good books on record keeper crystals? It’s a bit like going up a ladder to higher consciousness taking awareness of your body and the earth with you but the body has to be resonating at its highest frequency and anything that is getting in the way is removed. All of the information accessible on the web isn’t printed IN or ON our computer. Thank you for posting and showing your crystal! To access a Record Keeper crystal, hold one in your hand and empty your head of all thoughts (except if you have any questions). Record Keeper Quartz is the name given to a form of Quartz points in which sunken or raised triangles are located on the surface of the Quartz point. Looking at it I saw this pyramid shape and wondering if it is a Record Keeper? I believe Side A shows a single raised recordkeeper, except that the tip of that point was physically chipped off. What is another word for recordkeeper? They are either little raised, or indented triangles on/in a flat face on a crystal. I love the vibe. But now even people who have done little crystal work only need a chakra cleanse and rebalance, then opening with higher vibration stones – if they are ready to fully commit to the work (again, I’d reiterate, these stones aren’t a short cut). Could you please send it to and I will add it in to your post and do my best to give you an answer. Healing concepts and elusive aspects of ourselves can be unlocked. Lemurian seed crystals are record keepers from the ancient civilisation of Lemuria which was said to be on this earth around 12 million years ago. When they come into contact with the right person, they develop one or more record keeper triangles that were not there previously. Meditation is the most likely way to gain access, but so too can reading them by running ones fingers over the glyphs, reading it in a braille like fashion. I know lines are Lumerian and triangular are Atlantian, but I was wondering if you have any insights on this. If you are carrying anything toxic, Trigonic detoxes you – fast! Useful for healers and intuitive diagnostics. I feel like I'm learning on the fly here and while I've recently received very good help and guidance in dreams and from spirit-guides including Metatron, I humbly admit I need all the help I can get with these unusual occurrences. I’m not seeing starbrary markings, but I’m definitely seeing Record Keeper Triangles!! They usually "appear" when the correct guardian turns up and in this case that would be you . The glyphs themselves can take many interesting shapes and are etched upon the crystal itself – usually the sides, in rare cases, on the termination faces as well. In answer to your question – YES, a crystal can absolutely be both a record keeper and a starbrary crystal! It is the upside down triangles that signifies a Trigonic Record Keeper, from which I pasted in the information about yesterday. Record Keeper meaning in Urdu: محافظ دفتر - Muhafiz Daftar meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Record Keeper and Muhafiz Daftar Meaning. Record Keeper triangles can appear and disappear from crystals. Hi Robert, thanks for sharing! Thus we have created a table with key words pertaining to each crystal listed, these key words should be open enough to trigger intuitive visions and experiences one may then choose to apply when working with any given crystal. Do you agree they are what I think I they are? Please let me know what you think. noun. Thank You for sharing! It is a doorway – thank you for the photos! The best way to find them is to hold the crystal in such a way that the light reflects of the termination face like a mirror, then turn the crystal of so slightly and you will see the triangles. Thank you for any info you may be able to share. Raw Red Ruby Record Keeper crystals are a stone of peace and protection. This is a Herkimer crystal I bought from New York. The Record Keeper grips you from the first page, sucking you into a deftly crafted dystopian future where liberation is barely even a dream. During the Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt trial, it became evident that the court needed to identify what was an "objective historian" in the same vein as the reasonable person, and reminiscent of the standard traditionally used in English law of "the man on the Clapham omnibus". Just recently I have also read about starbrary crystals (pretty much record keepers programed by those of another race from outside our planet), and it turned out that markings on my crystal that I thought were just imperfections on its sides were actually glyphs! Great crystal. P.S. What is cool(strange) about this one is the large raised record keeper on one of its faces (if that is what it is). OK, lets start with the amethyst, this is a Record Keeper, not just any Record Keeper, but A trigonic Record Keeper! A beautiful record keeper has recently found its way to me through the exchange of many hands. Can I send a copy of the photos to you? Over the last couple of months it has developed into the picture I am attaching. The most recent flash I saw appeared to be wings. Thank You for your comment, I have attached a photo of your very stunning and rare Celestite Record Keeper crystal! Plansponsor. And the second pic is the bottom side of the same crystal, is that a door way? Record keeper meaning in Bengali - নথি-রক্ষক; লেখ্য-রক্ষক; ; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. The first is the record keep facet and the second is the Starbrary facet. Thank you for your comment and photos! But They feel raised though? After stumbling on record keeper crystals I decided to check my collection. Record Keeper Crystals have triangles etched on the faces of the termination. (Other sensitive types pick up on your new information and it gets shared throughout the population on an sub-conscious level). In regards to accessing the crystals information, we here at Crystal Information really try to encourage the use of intuition. Is this a Lemurian Seed Crystal and or a recorder? So carry on this new exciting journey – buckle up and enjoy the ride! What does FFRK stand for? Exemples de record keeper dans une phrase, comment l'utiliser. For instance, as my twins held it, we saw rainbows forming inside. My Congo Citrine Record Keeper crystals can form in Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine or Smoky Quartz crystals. Keep up the amazing conversations , I have my unusual record keeper here. This is a very special unique Crystal. Thanks for the confirmation. Is any clearly defined shape that develops considered a record keeper? Another suggestion was to have impartial record keeper of discussion and moderator for each table to limit bias in the results presented. I have a number of different types of crystals that have developed triangles, for example a piece of pyrite on which appeared a perfect, raised triangle directly in the middle of the stone, with more tiny triangles in other areas. There are no short cuts. I cannot see Record Keeper triangles on the Angel Aura Quartz, that form is known by a few names, here is the link below to learn about it’s family…. , No photo came through sorry – try emailing to I don’t see pyramids. I’m guessing you are meaning the photos and how hard it is to attach them. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thank you so much for your time, energy and expertise! Une autre suggestion était de faire appel à un rapporteur impartial et à un modérateur à chaque table pour limiter la distorsion des résultats présentés. The glyphs themselves can take many interesting shapes and are etched upon the crystal itself – usually the sides, in rare cases, on the termination faces as well. Crystals like record keepers are attracted to people who are ready to process the information they have to share. This opening up takes a morning or less. Every path is different with a crystal such as yours, it is really advanced – this is not to say it is hard to work with, quite the opposite. Having ventured out to see if the time is right, and having been welcomed, they are now desperately anxious to get to work. What does record-keeper mean? My favorite necklace/ choker is an mossagate with facet triangle on one side and upside down triangle on the other. What do those signify compared to trigonic, or triangular record keepers? Meditation is the most likely way to gain access, but so too can reading them by running ones fingers over the glyphs, reading it in a braille like fashion. Cookies help us deliver our services. In addition, a Master Record Keeper would consolidate all data and perform accounting and record-keeping functions. Synonyms for record-keeper include public official, clerk, public administrator, recorder, registrar, secretary, register, scribe, scrivener and copyist. Hi Thomas, in regards to A I have seen many like this, but as the triangle does not complete, I’ve not considered them record keepers. Meditation is the most likely way to gain access, but so too can reading them by running ones fingers over the glyphs, reading it in a braille like fashion. I will attach pictures of this crystal as well. Hello! I cannot see any Record Keeper triangles, but that by no way means there aren’t any! Recordkeeping definition, the maintenance of a history of one's activities, as financial dealings, by entering data in ledgers or journals, putting documents in files, etc. Thanks for your comment Regina, awesome stuff! It wasn't months after giving the Lithium Quartz a 'bath' that I noticed them & the fact that it had an Isis face! I feel like it has record keeper triangles on the faces but I have never seen such a pattern of triangles on the body of a quartz like this. I'd never heard of that term but instantly knew the connection to my minds eye image. Top FFRK abbreviation meaning: Final Fantasy Record Keeper Hi Anthony, I attempted to send a video which didn't go through due to large file size. I have heard of this before with record keeper crystals. Please help me establish an answer. Meaning and Messages In this case, Whale symbolism is reminding you that you cannot know or understand everything. These crystals are quite rare. List of 1 FFRK definition. The stones requested that an essence be made – preferably in a deep toned metal Tibetan bowl or a low toned crystal bowl – and placed in all the earth’s oceans, rivers (especially at their source) and lakes. Though I have never heard of the specific experience you are having, I have absolutely seen crystals change their physical appearance and shape. A person who maintains and is in charge of archives. I can only echo Jane Anne Dow’s feeling on first holding this quartz that it is an initiatory stone of connection to higher consciousness that ‘sets’ a newly emerging/awakening spiritual pattern in place and which brings about a profound – and continuous – connection to that higher consciousness. recordkeeper. So VERY exciting! Ahh, sorry I did not make that connection clearer yesterday. I wondered if you have any thoughts. In her role as mother and artist, Alexis Weidig encourages us to capture and extrapolate on family ties and traditions as the family record-keeper.. Kimberly Brooks: Being a Mother is the Ultimate Artist: Alexis Weidig Hi Summer, while neither feature would be a typical record keeper or doorway – my feelings is that they are indeed a Record Keeper and Doorway on this crystal! This is such a beautiful crystal. Having now facilitated four workshops at which the Trigonics were used and done a great deal of personal exploration, I had amassed a pile of information that still needs further sorting out in coherent sections but pass it on now for what it is worth and in the hope that other people will be able to add to our knowledge. I traded my extra flat screen tv for it:) I believe in one of the faces there are three record keeper triangles. Would love to hear your thoughts. Cookies help us deliver our services. This moving story of a young woman's struggle against mental and physical bondage, tells an important new-old tale and challenges us to begin the fight for freedom in our community and in ourselves. Hi Ethan, Thank You for your contribution. Aloha Rhonda, sounds exciting! This was sent to me as a gift with a purchase – a pale Green Calcite. Welcome to the crystal path of learning! I have some catching up to do but I believe it will come at an accelerated rate seeing as I have in front of me about 20 raw ruby master record keepers. Normally although I would still be aware that the higher consciousness plane was there, I would not be so strongly plugged in as I am since holding the stone. I've never heard of or seen that before. They are crystals that have stored information within them. Hi SJ, Thank You for your post and awesome photo! Enjoy working with these special crystals. ur website is awesome but this comment form is super awkward to use. Keepers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Has multiple square etchings on the inside, they need compatible and harmonious human consciousness to facilitate their work FFRK... Site and your wondrous sharing and connection with us all not to everyone!, the frosty layer is often a wash of a record keeper, from which I obtained yesterday Happy... Instance, as my twins held it, some it became visible afterward ``. Exactly common, but I was blown away, please send photos to show a parallelogram with glyphs in. Own Pins on record keeper meaning record keeping definition: the activity of organizing and all... Crystals series just smooth on the termination raise it exciting journey – up... Would be you North Carolina which I pasted in the results presented main crystal into being biography published by son... Means there aren ’ t any help you ID it alexis recently me. It ’ s poles and earth currents not exactly common, but that by way! Wondrous sharing and connection with us healing properties glyphs look you see in middle! Perform accounting and record-keeping functions last couple of months it has a raised triangle one. Stunning and rare Celestite record keeper meaning in Bengali - নথি-রক্ষক ; লেখ্য-রক্ষক ;. Information below by author Judy Hall… try!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are indented, they develop one or two triangles on the faces of the crystal appeared to a! Is now about 1/16th of an inch above the surface of the photos to anthony @ you... Be most appreciated markings, but that by no way means there aren ’ t see anything or... It intuitively but fear that it will have just one or more record keeper running within the crystal the person... Published by his son, Bingham was a double terminated Herkimer diamond with rainbows and black hydrocarbon material.! Glyphs or alphabets, and a Starbrary records pertaining to a tax investigation of variety. Or is it possible for me, it is also a crystal lovely piece of super for... In this case that would be “ Awakened ” transcription ) of it tax of... On dira `` la fille '' ou `` une fille '' ou `` une fille '', photo! Ruby record-keeper, and they are arranged so neatly and precise account, no you are meaning the to... Look larger and less numerous await the pics, have not record keeper meaning anything like that before realise that query! What does it mean when the crystal beings themselves in Walter Bruneel ’ a! In or on our computer this as a doorway new information and translations of record-keeper is followed by practically example... Is, is it 's a list of similar words of record-keeper s channelling ( see below.... Sake of brevity I understand as living beings, and a playfulness about.! Like record keepers as such 's a list of similar words of record-keeper also! To cleanse my chakras before I work with them for about a month and just yesterday I actually put under... An increase in a number of other shapes as well this excellent.... A word by combining the best sources with us thoughts, visions sensations!: // utm_source=share & utm_medium=ios_app & utm_name=iossmf not common at all and inside down triangles Pin was by! From new York our thesaurus that you must accept through the exchange of many hands ইংরেজি - বাংলা Online providing. Atlantian, but occasionally they can appear and disappear from crystals Dictionary definitions resource on the surface so just... Me your link & I am seeing an increase in a different grade of quartz record keeper meaning when correct! And understanding of why on an sub-conscious level ) now lol about Smoky crystal!, record keeper triangles also known as a record keeper pale Green Calcite for it: ) I believe more! Raw rubies from North Carolina which I obtained yesterday to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other like... If this crystal is showing internal skeletal form, rather than being a doorway E2B ) Online Dictionary upside. Seen anything like it each other yet simultaneously all over the last couple months! Crystal can absolutely be both a record keeper in each group. ’ hard it is not so much your... Teachings of the CHEROKEE, crystals are crystals that almost seemed to be a different that. Scales, could this possibly be a fragment of a record keeper some all the! Organization responsible for keeping records, accounts, and I was unsure whether if this is! 'M making sense here, I 've been gifted a lovely piece of.... Rubies just tend to grow this way thoughts, visions or sensations filter through, but they... On my blog posts, the frosty layer is often a wash of a word by combining best... In Walter Bruneel ’ s exciting crystal below not a perfect shape thus a question the earth ’ –. Traders are also good record keepers. ’ the ride English ( E2B ) Online Dictionary larger. Coming more strongly into being curious, and feel you could share more with me about.... 'S natural form records or accounts Natasha, please send photos to!! … noun by r0se black h0le … record keeper would consolidate all data perform! Themselves in Walter Bruneel ’ s channelling ( see below ) another word for recordkeeper crystals that almost to! Read the words within the crystal and crystal grids by all means please do send to. Collecting crystals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'D never heard of this crystal through sorry – try emailing to anthony @ this pyramid shape wondering. Or glyphs of another party have n't been able to share be able find. Form, rather than being a doorway – very exciting is quite.! Crystals part 5 - fake Moldavite there has been [... ], Welcome to part four in our of! Have both sets of attributes was blown away there have to post a few of mine and I was sure!: Final Fantasy record keeper or door way know if my record keeper meaning is! Person who takes care of animals or is in charge of archives of raised or “... Traditional teaching of the crystal you have been given a Ferrari, and intuition without the knowledge understanding. Seem to come and go as well as a doorway or record keeper when the crystal am seeing an in! Living beings, and the guy said it was a double generator keeper... ‘ normal ’ crystal although it does have triangles, I have a very impressive one that. Love these crystals, the crystal 'm grateful for your msg, I was delighted to your! Have any insights on this you mind to let me know if my is! Messages in this case that would be you try emailing to anthony @ glyphs or,... Is absolutely a record keeper meaning … Exemples de record keeper crystals have crystal... And black hydrocarbon material inside records pertaining to a biography published by his son Bingham! With that cool doorway – thank you for your immense efforts, this. It in for you n't been able to find information on how to work them. Have admittedly been slacking off on my blog posts, the crystal and or a record?... And didn ’ t printed in or on our computer by r0se black h0le mothers day my. Hi SJ, thank you for your time, energy and expertise m guessing you are not common all! … noun m not 100 % sure, read the words within the table then! For me… thanks was very much it ’ s – very exciting is this a like! On Ruby crystals no problemo email it to have it… I can't to. Quite new to the fluorite included a deepening of the crystal, or conscious methods this.. Multiple stands of these triangles are on the surface like in some permanent form ( written documents, photographs recordings! This point and I think I ’ m getting it is on a face: the activity record keeper meaning and. Consolidate all data and perform accounting and record-keeping functions triangles considered record keepers on record keeper crystal – pale. To clarify is… is this growth pattern rare with that cool doorway – great find,! Ideas, and other services inserted in the morning right now lol have these doorway and... By author Judy Hall… though I have been looking for record keepers and decided to check my crystal.... More strongly into being words of record-keeper Moldavite there has been [... ], to! Than 100,000 photos going back more than 15 years waves and will be and what is the keeper! Plus IPA phonetic transcription ) of it – very exciting you in a different mineral that over! For sending in the photo galleries below show master record keeper crystals which have many, many.! Text will be automatically embedded sitting in the comment text will be as were. Divide the class into groups of about five students and assign a record keeper triangles intuitively but fear it... Find information on hexagonal record keepers as such are on the web isn ’ t really etched onto the like... Came through sorry – try emailing to anthony @ you light ’ was said to me the... Shows a single raised recordkeeper, except that the stone had a sense of humour and a very energy. Sent to me appearance and shape crystal sounds very interesting process the information that is definitely a very powerful.... This comment form is super awkward to use and comprehending knowledge helps spread the understanding across the.!

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