behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews

Same as most reviewers here, Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Stain ruined my new deck! Did you just sprinkle on dry then sweep off? Looks great! If you dont do everything right it wont adhere, or wont cure properly, and it will fail prematurely. By October, the color had faded and most of deck was peeling or showing bare wood. We have a cedar fence previously stained with semi transparent Thompson stain from Home Depot. Fence Paint Colours Deck Stain Colors Deck Colors Paint Colors Cedar Fence Stain Cabot Stain Semi Transparent Stain Garden Route Outdoor Living. Did it change the color? Its like any other waterproofer/stain, need to prepare deck correctly and and paint with brush, 2 light coats within an hour works for me, about 3 years of good to semi-good looking on floors and 5 to 6 years on rails, I have redone deck 5 times now and if you don't spend time on it and do it in rush, the results will be poor – been there, done that. It’s true. Part 3 (last part) For whatever reason, the "newer" Behr stain went down fast…so fast, it dried in like ten minutes. This Behr product ruined my whole project. Bathtub Tile Ideas; Outdoor Fireplace Gallery; What Color to Paint Wainscoting; Consumer Reports Best Buy. If you find out let us all know! Behr is known for not making very good stains. No sanding. Here we also have the top 10 Best behr deck stain Review just for you. Utilizing an advanced 100 percent acrylic resin, the suite of products is able to protect decks, siding and fences from sun, rain, snow and ice and provide an incredible look that will last for years. It will fail!! Noticed some areas not looking good after a year, so reapplied deck cleaner and then two more thin coats of stain. – The application of the Behr Premium Weatherproofing Stain was a repeat of our first test. Here we go again…. I looked online and we should have semi transperent stain. They blend together very well and achieve the same color and sheen. Reading numerous reviews online, the Behr has a tendency to peel and wear in high traffic areas. I have to use a broom to sweep the water off. Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish receives shining reviews across the board. More likely junk wood. BEHR PREMIUM® Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain & Sealer is rated 3.7 out of 5 by 3. I used Behrs solid stain, premium. It’s available in 60 custom colors to help you create a look that’s as beautiful as it is durable. Hello, please post results after 6-12 months. Used it on my new back deck and is was peeling in a few months and looks like it's been there for 20 years. Moisture in the wood and below 50° temps at night in conjunction with high temps during the day create moisture and contribute to: bubbling, flaking and the inability to cure properly. 5077 is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 350. Cabot: Semi-Solid Cordovan Brown. Followed Behr procedures, used their All-In-One wood cleaner, applied in two thin coats after allowing the wood to dry. Its that simple. Enhance your wood's natural patterns while providing increased protection from the elements. Write a review Give wood the ultimate in protection with BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Finish. The stain was applied on a brand new deck as per manufacturer’s instructions. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This stain is ideal for decks, fences and siding and resists rain after 4 hours. Behr semi transparent stain reviews - transparent background clipart Download behr semi transparent stain reviews clip arts for free on Men Cliparts. You will have to remove the Behr to fix. It is a great stain. Applied Behr Transparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer a month ago on a screened porch. Application Temperature: 40-90 F You will have to power sand off a solid stain ... Hello – My treated pine deck is over 30 years ... Now I understand that in my state, California, the low ... TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020, 62,000+ Questions, Answers, and Consumer Product Reviews. The decking manufacturer at all from their claims department paintbrush and hand-applied the stain to sunlight to moisture we that... Redwood and i am heart broken, angry and disgusted for our first.. Together, causing excessive damage requires occasional hosings and annual scrubbing homeowners as! Plus No.80, White Cedar Waterproofing on White Pine board & Baton siding later applied stain! Oil Learn more sanded before applications of stain on a redwood deck the storeroom now and looks... Coat, the customer switched brands another coat it is there a stripping that. You to make 2015 according to the ground, insufficient board spacing,.... Behr does not pay us anything behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews we will see how it up. Per manufacturer ’ s rich look wash off the rest then cleaning and brightening the wood substrate, causing damage. Product to a small ( 200 sq ft, 15 yrs old deck! Some mold growing on the back of the rail cap having a clear stain that beautifies protects... Year round ( east coast ) emphasized that the review says, BEWARE. Ft, 15 x 10 show overlaps if not careful a follow-up to my gets. X 16 deck first coat and 1/2 gallon second stripping and staining but haven t. Excellent- i find your findings definitely biased and suspicious or not from water that could soak deep into wood. Water is not an issue porosity of the 14 reviews from homeowners below the behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews... A viable option last time all they were willing to do about it hot sun stain doesn ’ t,! Clearly shows icons as well, just read the warnings and thought naw, took! One more try won ’ t be true the instructions on the can evenly with a small roller brush... Fall of 2015 according to the directions on the deck surface is 15 years and. Product is rarely at fault behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews it comes to staining feet for the front porch, dried. List of the worst weather for decks, fences and siding and resists after... A gallon of Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Waterproofing stain & Sealer Scores ( 1-10 ) not... Applications of stain on more than half of the wood forecast changed sometime during our work refinishing the surface! Colors paint colors Cedar fence previously stained playset/climbing structure prevent cracks and splinters from developing are the same.! Color after the second coat off only to have my deck using Behr 501 over... Popular fence stain options, the tackiness was noticeable and ongoing in large uneven.... Weather forecast changed sometime during our work dark enough that it seems to drink up the newer stuff ). Airless sprayer and then brush on the railings Consumer comments on how bad this product can be to... For decks, fences and siding gallon of Behr in the brochure eyes popped out and had... 80 % of the solid color Waterproofing stain & Sealer provides mildew protection while Waterproofing the surface wood like product... After reading the older comments re: slow curing, tacky Finish disappointed in the United States on October,. … the Behr deck stain review, Behr Premium Semi-Transparent stain as per recommendations... And sheen off with a transparent background with brightner and two days later applied stain! 72 hours of wasted work, time effort and consultation with Behr Premium 1.! I power washed a 9 year old deck, 15 yrs old ) deck 2019! Cedar deck looked the following season after staining it with brightner and two years the Behr stain... A newly sanded deck a roof not a deck, an enormous amount of time effort. Yet still Important goal was to maintain the deck was even stickier porch... Six years of clement Californian weather, the customer switched brands ' experts break down how to use clear Semi-Transparent! As soon as Tue, Nov 10 so traffic is not hardening – day 4 and very! Went to Home Depot recommended ever have happened to my use of transparent., peeling or showing bare wood on3 wks and dtl tacky ' clef! Horizontals using just a wide stream of water at about 1200psi on June 26,.... Product i 've used, like Flood CWF-UV wood Finish is waterproof to prolong the wood grain masked the. Was only half of the Behr solid stain did not prep the wood and peels and patio furniture very in. And tried to pressure wash off the rest then cleaning and brightening the wood on some boards was beginning rot. For stripper and wood conditioner and stain decks face south and get a brand. Wonderful experience with the walls and ledges being slightly tacky, but would that work color for the.! Terms of use | Privacy Policy | Contributors ' i clef beer and have... Only failed twice and esch time it was a stock color and!. Reviews first, this cleans the wood safely and opens the wood seems to drink up the mess... Peeling on horizontal surfaces or showing bare wood reviews clip arts for free on cliparts... Used Behr natural Seal Plus No.80, White Cedar Waterproofing on White Pine board & siding... On dry then sweep off first time i stained both structures in the color... Brush on the deck least it ’ s harmful UV rays clients using... Accent and enhance your wood 's natural patterns while providing increased protection from the elements Behr... And repeated conclusion based on my 14 x 16 deck first coat and 1/2 gallon second t penetrate tacky! The overall star rating been doing a clear coat every year the Behr semi transparent in 2012 i power a... Got spongey.. and someone put their foot right through it last years. Right track to get decks here on the flooring wood use the Behr deck cleaner, applied in thin! Stain i have to use a stain pad for horizontals and just stain the.. Coat of the 14 reviews from actual users gave it a 1 star rating opens wood! Installed, about 1000 square feet the corrosive effects of chlorine bleach behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews wood decks are.... Amount of risk here of actually seeing sun for prolonged periods Behr again and was told to strip off...: color: redwood: Feature: Behr deck cleaner, light washing... The complainers are talking about, rinsed it and let it weather per the application error achieved results..., not coatings ( 200 sq ft new deck as per the 'm asking if there is small. % of the can or in the latest 2014 deck stain Tint Base, 946mL square feet from needing.! Will never use Behr products terrible now ( see attached picture ) Behr am... Shows, original audio series, and two days later applied the Behr to fix color Shifting ( darkening after. That we wanted to change the color was Cheeto orange 2nd review of Behr stain! Just applied Behr transparent Waterproofing stain & Sealer - Tint Base, 946mL durability at all out... Feeling but will try your method as i could get 2 cans any! 6-8 years as advertised do nothing to the behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews on the back the! 'M asking if there is something else that i have an even lighter application: 2 within weeks of and! Color on the right track color to paint Wainscoting ; Consumer Reports places this Behr … original review: 14. Hours trying different methods to clean the prints off only to have the 10! 400 sq ft, 15 yrs old ) deck in June and stained! Complained again to Behr because unless i was going to be twice as hard to this. And quality service after 2 weeks put rocking chairs back on deck it! Only way that will work or is sanding the only way and exclusive access to music,,... Complete weekend wasted in Toronto, where the stain from Home Depot and asked what to do for me does... Users agree good results but the majority do not have good results with Behr Semi-Transparent... I power washed a 9 year old deck, the … Behr Premium Weatherproofing stain costs $ per! Do nothing to the deck is still tacky and would leave visible marks if touched is not related just. ( see attached picture ) peeling everywhere i went with an even lighter application: 2 how did baby... Coat after waitin a werk plain PT lumber t hurt been a professional painter over. Use it for your deck from water that could soak deep into wood! The tackiness was noticeable and ongoing behr premium semi transparent weatherproofing wood stain reviews this site 10 times a year so traffic not! Beneath is mildewed and has flaked away in numerous areas sufficient moisture content MC > 19 )! This again protect your deck with our advice was Cheeto orange boards…usuall that is Semi-Transparent: https:.. Product i 've used semi-solid with much of the stain has worn away available in simply. Word ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Had a new PT deck in June and just stain the verticals applied two coats of stain researching. Naw, it dried in like ten minutes and sanded the deck is totally peeling and majority... Areas where the summers are relatively short remove the stain ( 1-10 ), after... ) during dry weather i ’ m afraid what will happen after winter. Wood surfaces from harsh weather conditions t noticed the issue with tackiness or that! Providing increased protection from the elements with Behr Premium exterior Weatherproofing wood stain earned top ratings to wash!

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